UniKeep Garden Journal

posted by: Kiran Khalil
Garden Journal

UniKeep Garden Journal - The Perfect Gift for Gardeners!

Planning a garden takes a lot of research, trial and error and patience. There are so many steps along the way, with so much information, that keeping it all organized is harder to do than starting the garden itself.

The UniKeep garden binder has everything you need to maintain your master plan, from charting the garden layout to necessary purchases of tools, plantings and maintenance. It's great for keeping track of soils, plant varieties, notes on weather and other important details.

It’s perfect for keeping track of all your gardening ideas, from large to small gardens, whether flower or vegetable. The UniKeep Garden Journal is available in three unique designs. This binder is fully-enclosed so it protects and safely stores all your information.

Customizing your garden journal binder with these tips.

  • • Plan the structure of your garden on paper and keep it in your binder until you are successful in giving it a tangible form.
  • • List any tools, seeds or plants that would work for your garden.
  • • Add photos of design inspiration to the binder pocket pages. They're handy to use as references as you go through discovering what works well in your particular climate and soil conditions.
  • • Calculate costs and include that, too. UniKeep pocketed pages also work well for your receipts.
  • • List items that can be used for some creative addition in your garden. Water features, bird baths or statues can be fun and attractive.
  • • Keep track of the number of plants you want to add to your garden along with their names. Plant tags can easily be stored in the binder for future reference.
  • • Details of plant rotation, soil and fertilizer used, ways to control pests and a great plan to map out the beds from year to year.
Garden Journal

Your list of tasks to keep any garden updated and flourishing does not end here, as you continue to add details about the seasons success and failures. The beautifully designed 3 ring case binder will artfully store and assist you while organizing your hard work leaving you the creation to enjoy.

The UniKeep Garden Journal has a sturdy, travel-friendly design that allows you to garden centers for reference or even out to the gardens as you include your notes about progress.

If you’re looking for an outstanding gift for garden enthusiasts such as a friend, family member or any other person who enjoys this fun and rewarding hobby, the UniKeep Garden Journal is a thoughtful, personal and useful surprise to unwrap for any gift giving occasion. Play your part in making someone’s garden beautiful!



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