Plan your upcoming vacation with The UniKeep Travel Binder

  posted by: Kiran Khalil

Consider this amazing case binder as your vacation guide or a companion to help you before and during your trip.


Everyone likes to travel, but a great trip takes a lot of attention to detail and advanced planning. What could be better than a UniKeep Travel Binder Kit to help you stay organized before and during your trip!

Before the trip, it's a great place to keep all important documents and records you need before you leave. Trip details such as flight and transfer connections, train tickets, and hotel confirmation emails can all be kept in one place. During the trip, you can store collectible itineraries, brochures, photos and other memorabilia from your vacation.

Whether you’re about to go on a trip alone or with family, you can stop worrying and begin enjoying with the UniKeep Travel Binder Kit .



How to make a personal travel binder

Consider this amazing 3 ring case binder as your vacation guide or a companion to help you before and during your trip. The first step towards making your journey wonderful is deciding on the destination. Jot down your suggestions and ideas about the cities you'd like to visit. Include important contact information for hotels and travel agents. Agreements for a rental car, and maps, driving directions. and anticipated expenses required for each destination should also be included. Once you create a personalized "to do" list, it can be used over and over again in the future.

You can also save your packing list and season specific items you'll need during your trip in this binder. No matter what you include in the binder, it will remain secure as our UniKeep 3 ring case binders are fully enclosed and come with durability guarantee.


We've included the accessories!

The Travel Binder Kit has 10 travel planning content pages that will help you spot the travel essentials you might miss otherwise Also included: 5 tabbed dividers to separately save important documents; page protectors to secure your official papers; and a CD/DVD binder page to take along important CDs or DVD’s. This case is stackable and sized just right to slip inside a tote bag.

This Travel Binder Kit makes the perfect gift for anyone planning to go on vacations. It has everything a traveler needs, and is also an ideal organizer for people who are traveling for the first time. It’s time to forget all the cliché rules of making a separate travel documents folder as UniKeep Travel Binder Kit has everything that can make your journey organized and stress-free. Grab one for your next trip!




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