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posted by: Kiran Khalil

What makes the UniKeep Ticket Collection Binder the best gift?

Do you remember the last time your friends or family got together for a day at the movies, a live concert or sports event? With the UniKeep Ticket Stub Kit, you can preserve memories made at events with friends, family and loved ones. 

The UniKeep Ticket Stub Organizer is made to keep memories and create stories. It’s a perfect gift for people who love music, concerts, sports, historical events. You can also keep event programs, photos and other memorabilia collected at the events. You can enjoy special smoments over and over again with these binders. Your treasure sticket stubs deserve a better home than boxes stuck high on a shelf or under your bed. Try UniKeep's archival quality protection that will keep your tickets safe from moisture and the elements of time.

You also have the option to choose between two colorful, digitally-printed themed designs. The covers are trendy and stylish. You can easily carry it along with you to any event due to its travel-friendly design and sleekness.

UniKeep provides archival-safe protection for the safety of your tickets. Everything comes with this binder to protect your tickets from harmful elements. There are 5 page protectors, 10 photo pocket pages, and 10 card pocket pages to hold and protect your tickets. You can keep adding more card pockets if your collection increases with time.

Ticket stub

Compared to the other binders and organizers available on the market, the UniKeep Ticket Stub Organizer is reliable, economical, and made to last. The three poly rings hold the sheets firmly and give the binder a professional look. Once you close the binder, there’s no way the sheets can get misaligned. The fully enclosed case also prevents your tickets from damage from the elements. The polypropylene material ensures safety whereas the poly snap-locking system keeps debris away and guards your ticket collection.

Now that you’ve decided to buy the UniKeep Ticket Stub Organizer, you can rest assured that your collection will safely and easily fit. It’s one of the easiest and trendiest ways of organizing your ticket collection and it will amplify your passion for collecting more and more. So, amaze your friends and family with this a UniKeep Ticket Stub Organizer as gift this holiday season.



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