The Secret Art of Couponing

  posted by: Bryan Gordon


Coupon Organizer

By now you've heard of "extreme couponers" - folks who turn the practice of collecting coupons into something of a professional sport - and allegedly save as much as 90% on their grocery bills each month. Some of the more fantastic tales of the trade involve paying literally nothing for items just by cleverly stacking already good deals. While the dedication it takes to save that much money just from using coupons is admirable, it's simply too impractical for the rest of us to even imagine because of the sheer amount of time necessary.

So maybe you're not destined to become an international superstar of the coupon world. But a lot of the tips and tricks employed by the best of the best can be applied by the everyday shopper just looking to save some extra cash.

No couponer worth their salt would ever do without a solid organizer; cutting coupons without a good place to keep them in order is a great way to lose each and every one by the end of the week. Furthermore, the crux of saving the most possible money lies in having the right coupon when an item goes on sale, so keeping your clippings organized by category can make for a critical advantage. The "extreme" discounts are usually just coupons of a particular category stacked on top of another promotion. The inside cover of Unikeep's Coupon Organizer allows for easy categorization, and so do the 24 sheet protectors and four divider tabs. Some shoppers prefer to sort by expiration date, but the clear sheet protectors make it easier to see when each coupon will expire without any annoying shuffling.

Coupon Organizer

Another great detail to these sheet protectors is their slightly clingy quality - the plastic hold the coupons in place without making them at all difficult to retrieve. Should you find yourself ambitious enough to collect beyond the typical Sunday paper haul, Unikeep sells packs of sheet protectors separately as well.

Smart and patient shoppers take their Organizers on every shopping trip, waiting for the perfect time to achieve the best discounts. The Coupon Organizer itself is fully-enclosed and latched, so it can be carried around the grocery store without any fear of all your hard work fluttering out. The daunting task of having coupons ready for use becomes a whole lot easier when they're neatly prepared and accessible right from your shopping cart.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran of the game or just starting to find ways to maximize your savings, we'd love to hear your own couponing tips and tricks.



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