Tax, Time, and Tips for Staying Organized

  posted by: Kiran Khalil

Keep important tax documents organized with UniKeep

tax binder

Paying taxes is something we all do - don’t make it even more of a hassle because you’re unorganized. Right now is the perfect time to get ready. Keeping all the receipts and records you'll need is one step in the right direction. But how do you keep it organized when tax season rolls around?

If everything is neatly organized, you can avoid the tedious task of searching for a particular receipt or document you really need. For proper reporting to IRS, accurate filing is necessary. An excellent tool for keeping organized is the UniKeep tax binder. You can keep all your tax documements stored safely and securely inside this fully-enclosed case binder.

The tax organizer is three-ring case binder that comes with two sheet protectors and a double binder pocket. It is manufactured for the ultimate protection of your tax documents and receipts. You can add every little detail necessary.

tax binder

If you have your own business, you can use this binder to organize your expenses. Keeping a complete and throrough record of your receipts is the only way to evaluate your annual spending. You definitely want to be that smart, organized business owner at tax time. Adhesive pockets can be added for saving business cards; and the adhesive card pockets can hold notes related to entertainment and dining expenses.

Keep all of your important receipts and documents inside your binder to increase your odds for a smooth and easy tax season.  When tax time is around the corner, a UniKeep Tax Binder, complete with your information, is a perfect tool to share with your accountant. Let ‘tax time’ be ‘relax time" this tax season.


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