Spring Clean Your Blog Feed: 4 ½ Blogs Completely Worth Following this Spring

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4 ½ Blogs Completely Worth Following this Spring

Spring is finally here - At least that's what we've been told here in chilly Ohio. As we all start dusting away the winter cobwebs and get rolling with our spring creative projects, it's the perfect time to check out some of the best blogs for inspiration. You could just go wild and subscribe to every organizing blog in sight, but there's not enough time in the whole season to keep track of the thousands upon thousands of blogs out there. That's why we handpicked four of our favorite blogs to check out for this spring. There are some big names, some up-and-comers, and one bonus site that will help you keep your blog feed as neat and tidy as your craft space. This is all completely unsolicited love - not only do we not advertise on these sites, they weren't even told we'd be giving them props! With that said, let's begin:



1. I Heart Organizing (Organization/Decor)- The serious organizers among us will be quite familiar with I Heart Organizing. Jennifer Jones is an enormously popular pro blogger with a serious gift for home organization and decorating. With five years under her belt, she's now been featured - well, just about everywhere. If "spring cleaning" is something you try to twelve months a year, you'll love I Heart Organizing's monthly to-do's and tips. Be sure to check out her before-and-after Home Tour post - it's massive, and it might just blow your mind. Just don't forget to snag some free printables!



2. Honey We're Home (Organization /Decor/DIY) - We first discovered Megan and Honey We're Home through the I Heart Organizing blog. Neither blogger shies away from big, big organization projects -- that's where Honey We're Home shines. From her humongous, immaculate closet to her impressively thorough media storage tips, Megan's got a knack that will be the envy of organizers everywhere. On top of that, she's even got a completely separate health and fitness blog... That's enough to keep anybody busy! Take some tips from Honey We're Home this spring and bring your home organization into 2014.




3. A Beautiful Mess (Crafts/DIY/Decor) - Of course at UniKeep we're keen on websites that deliver value to visitors - why shouldn't blogs be the same way? A Beautiful Mess, one of the most popular craft blogs on the web, does a superb job of providing outstanding value through tips, recipes (yum!), and even products like Photoshop actions. On the other hand, the blog doesn't offer text links, guest posts, or product reviews; the content they feature is truly better for it. Make no mistake: this is no late-90's blog. With eight folks on staff and constant quality updates, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better single blog to follow.




4. Vanilla Craft Blog (Crafts/Organization) - We've started off with three big-time blogs, so why this relative newcomer? This New Zealander's up-and-coming blog is a 100%-solid-content standout; her small, crafty following is steadily growing thanks in part to Bloglovin (more on that later). She taught herself HTML and CSS while setting up her site, which surely pushed her toward keeping the blog's layout simple. That turns out to be a huge relief, as her design is much easier on the eyes than so many other craft blogs out there. Her brilliant eye for composition shines through in everything from her DIY projects to her photography, and she touches everything up with adorably minimalist, hand-drawn icons. Not bad for a 14 year-old!


Bloglovin - Bloglovin isn't a blog at all, but it is a fabulous way to find blogs like Vanilla Craft - blogs who are creating content for all the right reasons. Browse posts from tons of sources at one time, find blogs categorized according to your particular interests, add favorites to your profile, and even add the complementary Bloglovin app to your phone. We love simple interfaces and functionality; if you do too, check this site out.


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