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Songwriting Binder

Hello fans! Clinton here, I hope you enjoy this blog entry as much as I do writing it! The great people here at Unikeep have helped me bring to life one of the coolest products we have ever made, a guitar and piano songwriting binder.

Now let's face it, virtually everyone on this planet knows at least one person who is a musician, and if they don't then they probably are one. Personally, a good ole guitar has always been my instrument of choice. I was even lucky enough to study songwriting with the Berklee College of Music and jazz performance at the Ohio State School of Music. I would practice for hours a day but sometimes felt like I was getting nowhere. I came to the conclusion that the organization of my practice schedule was really slowing down my progress. For most musicians using our practice time effectively is a constant struggle, unless you're diligent enough to follow the 7 habits of highly effective people. And as a musician, practicing effective use of time and organization is a thought that lives on the back burner; there's already enough to practice to make your head explode! The guitar and piano songwriting binder are great tools for the musicians of the world.

I was personally involved in the conception and creation of this product. So it is truly a product designed by a musician for musicians! The eye catching printed artwork on the outside is just the icing; the contents are the true meat and potatoes. Thirty double sided sheets of blank lined paper for lyrics, progressions or music theory notes. Five double sided to-do list pages to prioritize your practice and musical goals. Five page protectors to store all the lyrics you write on napkins at the truck stop. And five multicolored divider tabs so you can custom organize all your musical materials. Not to mention it's a snap locking case so you can carry around musical tools, like your tuner, guitar picks, string winder or a folded up piece of sheet music. And you can always count on this binder to protect your music from a spilt beverage or some rain. It's small enough to fit in your backpack, purse or guitar case. This is a product that every musician needs for their arsenal. If you're a beginner or professional, jazz cat or a pop songwriter this one is for you.

Be sure to check back and read about my project page so you can get some ideas on how to customize this binder to fit your musical needs!



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