Scrapbooking made Easy: Homecoming

  posted by: Bryan Gordon


Fall Homecoming is a perfect time to start a high school scrapbook.
How can you get started?

The scrapbook my mom gave me when I graduated high school is one of the nicest things anyone has ever put together for me. Throughout my senior year, she crafted one page at a time, and the end result was dazzling. It's a treasured gift because my mom wasn't an experienced crafter - she learned as she went along - and the scrapbook still turned out beautifully.

Scrapbooking takes a serious time committment and some crafting know-how. Maybe you'd like to put together a scrapbook for your son or daughter but don't have a clue about how to start. That's where UniKeep can help. There's no better time to start a school year scrapbook than now. Some of the school year's biggest events happen in the fall, and waiting until winter or the end of the school year to start documenting them will only leave you feeling overwhelmed.

First: purchcase one of our 1.5 inch View Case Binders. The overlay makes it easy to customize your cover with your own personalized design that you can update on-the-fly. Or, you could use our "Create Your Own Binder" tool to order a custom binder digitally printed with your own design! Whichever path you choose, these binders are the best way to keep your scrapbooking project tamed. The snapping poly rings ensure you won't end up with misaligned metal rings after a dozen times opening and shutting. Plus, the enclosed design makes them just as good for storing works-in-progress as for archiving the final product.

A set of sturdy page protectors is just as important as the binder itself! Even if you choose to use messier particles like glitter, it won't escape the page and end up all over the place. Our page protectors are designed to accommodate raised surfaces such as scrapbook pages with detailed layers. Also, our adhesive pockets can add a fancy touch to make certain pages look like they were professionally composed!

Brag Book

Already feeling a little intimidated? UniKeep has an alternative way to collect memories that's as popular with seasoned crafters as it is with the scrapbooking-impaired. Our Mini Albums are all-in-one kits for keeping photos, and can easily be modified to create miniature scrapbooks that can travel anywhere. I recommend the "Brag Book" size - it's just right for starting a craft project you know you can finish.

Once you've got your hardware, collecting material for your pages is up to you! Homecoming is the perfect time to start a high school scrapbook because there's an entire weekend of activities to collect from. You could include everything from tickets to the football game, to the menu where the homecoming dinner is held, to the program for the dance. UniKeep's stackable design means you can even incorporate three-dimensional objects (like part of a corsage) without them being smashed by the binder covers.

And, of course, you'll have to take and print plenty of photos (don't worry; they'll appreciate it in time!). Be sure to check out our Tips for Crafts & Hobbies and Project & Tutorials for more tips to send you on your way to scrapbooking stardom.


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