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Organize your ‘Back to School’ journey with UniKeep

Study Binder

Whether it’s the beginning of a new year or the end of summer vacation, students require tools and supplies to organize their work. Students can make the best of every lecture if they begin with new strategies and resources necessary for school. What could help you organize your lessons and help you study?  Every student needs to understand how well they can manage their time.

Going ‘Back to School’ wouldn't be the same without pencils, paper, binders, folders, and notebooks. Why use ordinary vinyl three-ring binders that will fall apart within the first year? Imagine finding a binder that would not only be durable and store your important papers, but provided something extra?  

Study Binder

UniKeep subject organizer binder kits do just that! UniKeep offers eight different school-themed binders including Biology, French, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, Spanish, Geometry and Algebra. These binders are different from others because they include additional information about the given subject. Plus, they're an amazing tool to organize schoolwork and can be used by students of any level and age.  It's easy for students just to flip it open and find information they need.

Students learning French can use this binder to find common phrases, nouns, and pronouns; a biology student can learn about the scientific method. These UniKeep binders offer students quality organizers and a complete study guide. Customized pages are perfect for organizing class notes and other documents. Its fully-enclosed, case style snaps securely closed so papers don't fall out or get lost. These binders also include sheet protectors, page dividers and adhesive pockets.

Study Binder

Help your student stay focused, prepared and organized with a UniKeep school binder.




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