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Organizing DVD Collections

posted by: Macie Cook 3/23/2018
A5 Binder

Being a film buff, I spent a great deal of money and time collecting the movies I have enjoyed over the years and have found myself with over 400 titles and still growing. Several years ago I purchased standard black DVD storage binders and just filled one after the other as the collection grew. The issue with this is that the binders looked all the same with no way of identifying what I had. My Movies range in genre and when I would have guests over to watch something particular, I found myself spending a great deal of time sorting and trying to find the chosen title.

Constantly frustrated with the process of finding the right movie I went searching for a better solution to classify the collections. UniKeep DVD case binders were the best option for me. I loved the customizable clear cover which enabled me to add a paper insert and the snap closure kept everything secure and dust free. Also, the protective pages that are easy to arrange in the UniKeeps made shifting them in a specific order much easier..

A5 Binder

I purchased several DVD case UniKeeps, and then went to work:

I am a fairly creative person so I found some fun emoji designs that I repeated patterns in basic paint program on my computer. I used document size 11x17 and trimmed them to fit inside the clear cover of the UniKeep DVD binder. It was easy to find the different emojis. Each design represented a genre - Drama, Horror, Comedy, Adventure, Family and Romance.

You can also find different craft paper designs at places like Joanne Fabric, Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Just pick the design/theme that works for your genre and trim it to fit. I did use a music design and a Disney design from printed craft paper for two of my collections.

A5 Binder

Once I put my collection in the protective pages I took the time to sort the movies by genre and put them in the corresponding binders. They look amazing on my shelves and the ease of finding the right movies has made me appreciate my collection even more. Only regret is that I hadn’t found this solution before.