Make your own Valentine’s Day Cards

  posted by: Kiran Khalil


How to safely store Valentine’s Day Cards


Making cards is a special kind of art that brings out innate talent and enables you to give life to something unique. Putting your thoughts into ideas on a special day like Valentine’s Day can be a beautiful way to show you care. A handmade greeting card on Valentine’s Day will never lose its charm and the essence of the message will remain within it forever.

Whether you receive cards or decide to give them to someone special, you should protect all of your beautiful cards, let UniKeep help you protect your precious memories. UniKeep’s photo and envelope pack not only secures your cards, but also allows private labeling on them. These crystal clear polypropylene envelopes are perfect for Valentine’s Day cards as they come along with a re-sealable adhesive closure. Once you make your own card, you can secure it with our crystal clear envelopes, and your cards can be placed without getting ripped or scratched.



You can share, cherish and save the cards you receive and the ones you make for others. To seal your custom greeting cards with love you can use 3 Ring Case View Mini Binders that are storable and stackable. Put all of your Valentine’s Day cards in each ring case binder and label them; this way you can view them all again whenever you want. You can even share this mini case binder as a gift to ensure safety of the cards for the years to come.

So, send a sweet, heartfelt message by creating customize greetings cards for your loved ones on this Valentine’s Day. Make someone’s day more special by having UniKeep products by your side!