How to Tame Your Unruly Business Card Collection

  posted by: Bryan Gordon


Contact Organizer

If you're anything like me, you're always running into acquaintances whose story you really ought to know by now, but the specifics don't come to you and you miss your chance to capitalize. When you look over their old business card, all you find is a bunch of chicken-scratch on the back that you wrote three years ago - that is, if you can find their card at all! If only you had written down what they mentioned when they gave you their card, you could send a brilliant follow-up email to remind them you're on top of your game.

A new product of ours is going to make all that so much simpler. It's called the Unikeep Contact Organizer, and it's a binder that allows you to keep all the contact info you've picked up - and whatever details are most important to you - in one convenient package. There's extra space on each contact page for your notes, which is great both for individuals or sales teams that need to keep up with each other's progress. It's all held together in a fully enclosed binder that's customizable, stackable, and 100% recyclable.

Contact Organizer

It's amazing how a tool like this can be so indispensable, especially at events like trade shows and conferences where business cards can really pile up. The Promotional Products Association International Expo is a huge event, drawing over 10,000 distributors to Las Vegas each year. Our team easily could have been buried in business cards, but, armed with our own new binders, we made quick work of compiling contact details. This left more time for us to learn, for example, what project a new acquaintance was asked to do by a Fortune 500 company. With the Advertising Specialty Institute's Long Beach show right around the corner, we'll have everything we need to demonstrate a commitment to each of our clients' specific needs and interests.

So consider investing in some confidence - what a relief it can be to know you've got everything you need safely on a shelf back at the office. Imagine the look on their face when you call them the next week and say, "Right, Trevor, you have that 350 unit deal with our competitor that's up in June. You know, we'd still love to have your business. By the way, happy anniversary!" Just try not to freak them out too much, okay?