How to Nail Your Next Presentation

  posted by: Dylan Meister


A more presentable portfolio.


Presentation Binder

If you work in the highly visual, fast-paced world of design, you know the importance of presentation. You're in the business of selling ideas and communicating ideas and concepts through colors, shapes, and layout.


These kinds of ideas are usually too big to be simply emailed or left on someone's desk for signoff;it's not a "send it and forget it" sort of thing. Instead, you need to be able to get in front of your audience, in person, and sell your work. And if you can't effectively sell your client on the idea, they won't be able to sell their audience on it either.


So you'll need something to hold all that work-something big enough to store large-sized pieces, portable enough to toss in a briefcase for a meeting across town, and durable enough to keep your work safe and protected.

Introducing: The UniKeep Presentation Binder.


Presentation Binder

The UniKeep Presentation Binder is a large-format portfolio case that's perfect for storing and presenting 11x17-inch documents. With several clear page styles available, you can store full 11x17-inch documents in a single polypropylene page, or two 8.5x11-inch pages side-by-side in a divided page. A slim-profiled construction that snaps completely shut combined with durable polypropylene pages mean your work stays in perfect condition, no matter what you put it through.


Here's a product I actually use, and can use in a lot of different situations. There are few things I hate more spending an hour polishing up a mockup to show a client, only to put a big ugly crease down the middle of the print so I can carry it with the rest of my papers. With the Presentation Binder, everything's in its original state when the client sees it, and it takes up about as much space in my briefcase as a laptop. What's more is that it can be set up almost anywhere—at a coffee shop or on a cluttered desk, for a quick, easy presentation even when you're short on space.


There's really no limit to what you could use the Presentation Binder for. Need a portfolio case? You could display your final work samples for a professional presentation in a job interview. Have a furry friend? Keep all your pet records, pedigrees, and show awards in one place and show them off to your friends.


Grab yours now, and let us know in the comments below how you're using yours!

Give it a try!


I love this product!

As a web designer, sometimes it's hard to get complex ideas across to the boss. So I just simplify everything into charts and graphs and show it off in meetings with the presentation binder.

Instead of everyone scratching their heads wondering what I'm talking about, I can just flip through design ideas, analytics, sales reports... everything in one place, and people get it. Easy!

Better than fumbling with a computer and projector and powerpoint while impatient executives grumble and stare at their watches. Plus I can leave it with the boss when the presentation is over and he'll have the physical information right there instead of half-remembered concepts that flashed across the screen for a moment.
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