How to Make Tax Day a Breeze

  posted by: Bryan Gordon


Unless your business card has the letters 'IRS' or 'CPA' on it, you probably look forward to April 15th just a bit more than your next root canal. The receipts, the confusing jargon, the menace of a possible audit... Whether you're brave enough to take care of all the paperwork yourself or just stack it all up for your accountant, preparing to file your taxes can be a real downer. While we've yet to find a way to make your next tax day more fun, we do have a way to make organizing and storing your important tax information much less of a headache.

Of course, it always starts with getting organized. Our Tax Organizer Binder is the perfect place to get started, it has everything you need to get your yearly tax documents and receipts in order. The kit design features sheet protectors for your W-2 or 1099 forms, six adhesive card pockets to keep separate papers separated, and a double binder pocket for any additional records you'll need to keep on hand. The 3-ring binder itself is 100% recyclable and can easily be repurposed for just about any other use (in case you move to the Cayman Islands or something).

Tax Organizer Binder

Motivated this year to take care of my entire tax filing process myself for the first time, I was relieved to have an ideal tool to keep track of my documents. I suspect I have a lot fewer receipts than many folks, so I still had plenty of room left for more papers. My favorite detail of all is the binder's latch, which ensures everything will remain neatly enclosed when it's tucked away on my bookshelf - even if your idea of "doing your taxes" is merely getting your papers to the accountant without spilling coffee all over them, we've got you covered. I plan to simply pick up a new binder each year until I have enough that I can replace the oldest year's contents. If I'm unlucky enough to be selected for an audit, I should have all the information I need ready to go - and hopefully save a lot of time (and tears) in the process. Do you know where your deductions from seven years ago are?



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