Engineering Drawing with UniKeep's All-New Engineering Binder

  posted by: Bryan Gordon


Are you a drafter getting your feet wet with engineering drawing? Or maybe you're just interested in the lost art of technical drawing by hand. Either way, you shouldn't miss the newest addition to our product line: the UniKeep™ Engineering Binder.

This binder is all-new for us, and it's also new for the market. There isn't really another product on the market that's quite like this -- at least not without everything you need in one convenient package. But we think it's the kind of item that should be on every engineer's and architect's desks. Here's why:

The first thing you might notice is that these measure about an inch taller than your typical 3-ring binder. There's plenty of room for things like papers and the included dividers, and the fully enclosed design means you can even store your favorite sketching pencil inside. But what matters most is the included paper: premium isometric paper made with Tyvek®.

Isometric paper and 3D drawing go hand-in-hand. Engineering drawing often requires isometric paper because the grid allows 3D representation. It can be hard to clearly show a 3D object even without that grid -- and that's important in technical drawing! That alone makes it a must-have for any drafter, even if you usually use software like AutoCAD.

Tyvek isometric paper was created just for engineers, architects and drafters. The super strong, non-woven polyethylene fiber is chemical and fire-resistant and doesn't tear, yet can easily be cut. Any engineer can appreciate that! Its strength, durability and versatility make it a no-brainer for hundreds of industrial applications. You be surprised to find out how useful it can be in engineering drawing.

We had our own team of engineers put these binders to the test on their latest projects. What's the first thing they each commented on? The toughness of the isometric paper inside. If you're going to take the time to precisely draft your idea, it's not worth risking damage. The Tyvek paper, along with the fully enclosed binder design, turned out to be key for our testers.

The UniKeep Engineering Binders are now available in four designs on!

Got a clever way you'll be using the UniKeep Engineering Binder? Or just getting into engineering drawing and have some tips? Leave us a comment!



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