Digital Print Custom Case Binders

posted by: Allison West

What you should know about digital print custom case binders for business

Custom Printed Ring Binders

Colorful, digitally printed custom case binders give your brand an instant facelift and provide a pleasant surprise when they’re received. A professional, modern printed binder says you care about your business, what your brand is communicating and how it’s received.

Not only do these business storage and presentation solutions look good, but they’re also starring performers. They do what they’re supposed to do – organize, protect and store important business information– and present a company’s brand with a touch of style.

After all, don’t you want to get attention for your brand and attract new customers?

Is a digitally printed custom case binder for me

You may be considering how to upgrade your company’s branding and still keep to your timeline and budget. Another question you may have is how easy and economical will it be to modify my design in the future?

Digital printing technology successfully addresses all of these questions, including visual communication concerns such as cost, color, size; and turnaround time, which affects affordability.

Custom case binder design

Visually speaking, you can make any kind of statement you want with digital binder printing. Think of a custom three-ring case binder as your blank canvas for photos, artwork, images, or debossing. Images can range from the size of a small logo to one that covers the entire binder. Images can cover the front, back, and spine.


custom printed ring binders

Still not convinced? Consider this. Color improves brand recognition by up to 80%. Brand recognition is how readily customers can recognize your brand by how you use color and imagery in content, marketing materials, your website, and in advertising.

If you want to modify your design later, that’s no problem either. No additional tooling is needed to change an image. This process is ideal for businesses that need frequent updates. Plus, the automated digital printing process offers rapid turnaround on custom binders.

Costs for digitally printed custom case binders

You may think that only big companies with big budgets and high press runs can afford full color, digitally printed custom binders. Not so. Digital printing doesn’t require extensive setup or plate making because digital doesn’t involve ink. This saves money when printing smaller quantities.

With digital printing, digital images are processed by a computer that’s sent directly to the printer. Digital printing uses electrostatic rollers (drums) to apply toner onto the surface. This process is usually less expensive and makes shorter runs and quicker turnaround times possible.

custom printed ring binders

Uses for digitally-printed case binders

There’s probably not a business or an industry that couldn’t use and benefit from a customized three-ring binder. Research shows that it takes from 5-7 impressions before customers can remember your brand. Are your current marketing and sales binders helping accomplish this?

Digitally printed case binders pack a powerful punch with making an impression so they’re perfect for presentations, portfolios, media storage, instruction manuals, annual reports.

Custom printed binders can be used either as internal document storage solutions or to present your company’s information.

Custom case binder uses: Manufacturing, Engineering, Public Utilities, Technology, Restaurants, Farming

custom printed ring binders

Product presentation: Replace traditional product brochures with customized product-specific binders to attract new prospects. You’ll make an impression that says “wow” and might just help to seal the deal for new sales of tools, large industrial machines, repair equipment, and supplies, manufacturing safety clothing and footwear, etc.

Machine operating instructions: place job instructions inside binders customized for each piece of equipment and machinery that needs a detailed, step-by-step, “how-to” process. Remember, UniKeep case binders are molded in a single piece – even the snap-locking rings – to maximize durability. Take these things out on the manufacturing floor and give them a workout.

Custom binder uses: Financial and medical industries

Banks and insurance companies can use custom binders to store and organize business procedures, performance reports, and financial portfolios. Because digital printing makes small runs so economical, a company could have a special binder designed and labeled for any given individual business segment. For insurance, it could be custom binders for auto, home, and life. In the medical industry, printed case binders could include specific certain surgical procedures, medical equipment, and pharmaceuticals.

custom printed ring binders

More ways to use custom printed case binders:

  • Business start-ups
  • Advertising/PR agency portfolios
  • Asset management/investment portfolios
  • Research/development
  • Medical procedures
  • Training guides
  • Incentive programs
  • Emergency planning
  • Disaster recovery
  • Engineering, Construction Projects/Proposals
  • Medical and insurance policies

How to build a custom digital case binder

UniKeep case binders feature a snap-locking, fully enclosed case that is manufactured with 100% recyclable polypropylene. With this case binder, you choose your ring style –snap-locking poly rings that won’t rust or misalign; or metal.

Your custom printed binder starts with a beautiful, digital printed cover. From there, it’s easy to build a custom binder with special color-coded or branded tabbed and divider pages that are available in many sizes.

Steps for building a digital print custom case binder:

1. Start with a UniKeep three-ring case binder: choose from three sizes: 5", 1.0", or 1.5".

custom printed ring binders

2. Provide a design or we can help you create a custom look to digitally print your binder on both sides and spine.

3. Create custom tabs and pages, add sheet protectors, pocketed tab dividers, and adhesive pockets to organize and protect your documents.

More about custom binder accessories

The right case binder accessories are a necessity for organizing and categorizing your documents. UniKeep accessories - sheet protectors, divider pages, and binder pockets - are made with acid-free, 100% polypropylene to protect documents from moisture and damage.

custom printed ring binders

custom printed ring binders


There is any number of binders that can simply “get the job done” and hold your documents. What happens when your stuff falls out? Or it falls apart? Would you be proud to take that type of binder along to a client or customer?

What does your current binder say about your brand?

Digital printed, three-ring case binders from UniKeep are cost-effective, easy to modify and produce (even in small quantities), and do so much more than just hold your stuff. They store and protect documents with colorful, impressive styles. We hope you’ve gotten some great ideas by viewing some of the case binders in this blog. Give us a ring when you’re ready for your case binder-style upgrade.