Bringing in the Holidays with UniKeep Recipe Mini Binders

  posted by: Bryan Gordon


Last month we were proud to introduce the new Recipe Mini Binders to our product family - and what could be a better time of year for it? At least to us, the holidays are all about sharing and making new memories with our friends and family. We're proud of these Recipe Binders because we firmly believe they're an outstanding means of protecting and sharing one of the most sensory traditions, food, with loved ones - not just this holiday season, but also for generations to come.

One of the most thoughtful gifts I ever received was from my mom when I first went away to college; she gave me a recipe book full of all of my favorite recipes she used to make, handwritten, so that I could start making the same recipes while I away from home. The book sure got a lot of wear, not to mention plenty of stains on the paper - but it became an absolute mainstay through school (even with my roommates!). I ended up adding my own recipes to that same book, which is barely holding it all together after nearly ten years of service. So many gifts are forgotten within months after giving, but that book was a reminder of my mom's generosity for years afterward.

We think our Recipe Binders are perfect for this kind of gift because they're in it for the long haul. The hard outer case and clear poly page protectors make keeping recipes spotless so much easier than paper sheets alone. For a gift that's built to last even in the messiest of kitchens, look no further.

We had some holiday fun of our own by holding an office dessert contest the week of our Recipe Mini Binder launch. The day of our holiday luncheon, nearly a quarter of UniKeep associates brought in their best homemade desserts to see who had the best recipe in the company. After a whole lot of spirited competition and sweet-eating, the people decided a winner. We thought it would be fun to pass on our own recipe tradition on to you, so the winning peanut butter fudge recipe is packaged in the binder's first edition!


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