A New UniKeep

  posted by: Matt Randall


What's All This, Then?

If you've visited UniKeep.com in the past, you might be noticing some changes.

Beyond upgrading the look and feel of the site, we've made some major improvements to the functionality as well. The biggest change is the creation of a brand new eCommerce platform to replace the outdated Univenture.com shopping cart. All of the products that you would have previously been able to purchase there are also available here, plus a few more.

The plan is to permanently move all online shopping from Univenture.com to UniKeep.com. In order to make the transition as seamless as possible, we'll be keeping both sites' shopping carts functional for a time. Eventually, all eCommerce transactions will be handled by UniKeep.

In the interest of security, if you have an account with us at www.univenture.com you will get to choose a brand new username and password for UniKeep.com.


What this means for you:

  • Better Site Organization - Clean design and streamlined navigation makes it easier to find what you're looking for. By arranging things logically and working hard to make things work intuitively we hope to provide a better browsing experience for everyone. If you're having troubles finding something our new site map can also help you out.
  • Smarter Shopping Cart - A streamlined, one-page checkout, advanced order tracking and the ability to preview real-time shipping calculations before you buy are just some of the fancy new features that will make shopping with us more enjoyable.
  • Communication - You can leave comments and reviews on products, blog posts, tips and projects as well as many other places throughout the site. We encourage you to share your thoughts and opinions. The Internet should be interactive, right? We want to open a dialog wherever possible and find out what's on your mind.
  • Promotions! We're all about saving you money. If you sign up for our promotions, we'll send our loyal customers regular offers such as valuable coupons, free shipping and other special deals not available to the general public. We value your privacy and trust; we never spam.
  • Security you can Trust - Security is something we take seriously. As always, we've taken all the steps necessary to protect your privacy and encrypt your personal information before it is submitted over the Internet.


New Features:

Create Your Own Binder

We've created an interface that allows you to design your own UniKeep binder. You can upload your own pictures, add text, logos, artwork and really get creative. When you've completed your masterpiece, just add it to the cart and we'll make it for you. You'll be the envy of all your friends or coworkers with a custom-made binder of your own design!

Tips for Use

We had so many inspiring stories and creative ideas shared with us from the old UniKeep.com that we couldn't bear to just toss them. So we moved them to the new site under the "Tips" section. Here you'll find user submitted reviews and recommendations outlining how people from around the world "use their UniKeeps."

I own a pizza place that has delivery; I use your product to hold all my delivery maps, that way nothing gets spilled on them."


Who'd have thought it?


Since the UniKeep binders were first introduced; we've found that our customers have come up with ingenious ways to use them. They are pretty versatile, so we've created the "Projects" area to showcase some of the different uses of UniKeep and Envypak products. Keep an eye on this section as we're constantly adding new projects, from scrapbooking and collecting to storage and organization. We're also looking forward to seeing your ideas and creativity in action!


If you're reading this, then you must be on UniKeep's blog. If you're wondering, "Why does UniKeep have a blog?" - check out the article Why is Blogging Important for your Business? There you'll learn about the SEO, SMM and Branding stuff that makes blogging so beneficial for business.


What do you Think?

Like all good websites, UniKeep.com will always be a work in progress - check back often to see new and improved features, products, tips and projects.

Please let us know what you think of our new design. We'll be continuing to update the website in the coming months and would love to get your feedback. Write to [email protected] or just drop us a line via the new Contact Form.



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