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Jul 12, 2018
posted by: Allison West
School Supplies

I picked quite a year to start first grade. Two weeks after my sixth birthday in July 1969, American Astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on Mars. Woodstock, arguably the most famous music festival of all time, took place on a New York farm for two days in August and attracted more than 400,000 fans. Manson, Nixon and Chappaquiddick made headlines.

For adults, it was a summer of free love, peace signs and long hair.

For me, it was the year I started school. With a Bobby Sherman lunch box in hand, and a book bag stuffed with...


Jun 18, 2018
posted by: Allison West
Remodelling Binder Kit

Summertime…. and the livin’ is easy, right? Most summers, yes, they are. So why do I still feel a little bit guilty about this? My childhood. Blame it on all those memories of summer days spent weeding the vegetable garden, stacking wood and holding sheetrock (yes-true!) for our new kitchen – the list was long. There was always a home improvement project going on at our house and we have the Polaroid pictures to prove it.

My father raised his three daughters according to his strong work ethic. His rule was simple - finish your work before you had fun. That included helping him with chores and ...


Mar 03, 2018
posted by: Macie Cook
Organizing DVD Collections

Being a film buff, I spent a great deal of money and time collecting the movies I have enjoyed over the years and have found myself with over 400 titles and still growing. Several years ago I purchased standard black DVD storage binders and just filled one after the other as the collection grew. The issue with this is that the binders looked all the same with no way of identifying what I had. My Movies range in genre and when I would have guests over to watch something particular, I found myself spending a great deal of time sorting and trying to find the chosen title.

Constantly frustrated with the process of finding the right movie I went searching for a better solution to classify the collections. UniKeep DVD case binders were the best option for me. I loved the customizable clear cover which enabled me to...