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11x17 Binder with Metal Rings and Page Protectors

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Product Description

UniKeep 11 x 17 Binders are perfect for executives and design professionals who need a way to easily present documents and keep them protected and organized after the meeting ends. With a unique, totally enclosed design, the Large Binder locks shut to keep important documents safe during transport and storage. . It can also be used for portfolio display and memorabilia collections.

UniKeep Large Binders include 10, 11x17-inch crystal-clear polypropylene pages held securely in place with six metal rings. This UniKeep binder was designed and molded in the USA.

  • • UniKeep 11x17 Large Format Binder with Metal Rings
  • • Includes 10, 11x17-inch page protectors
Outer Dimensions:
19.25 x 13 x 1.125 inches
Box Quantity:
20 sheets or photos max size 11 x 17
Overall fantastic design. This product is advertised as stackable... it would make sense to have some small indentations in the top or something to keep it from sliding around when stacked; I'm surprised this design element has been overlooked.
As a freelance graphic designer, I use these to show samples to clients. It's light, quick and easy to set up, and if I get caught in the rain, my artwork isn't ruined.

I also use one to show my portfolio. It's not super-fancy and made of Italian calf-skin leather or anything, but it's just the right size for standard and/or large-sized artwork. Clients always ask me where I got it.
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