Multiple Compartment Storage Case Binder, 3 inch

Three Compartment Storage Case Binder - One Inch Compartments

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Product Description:

The 3 inch Extreme Binder has the storage capacity of three 1 inch binders. Made from 100% polypropylene, the binders are durable, archival safe and recyclable. Fully enclosed case snaps securely. Snap locking poly rings won't pinch, misalign or rust.

EXTREME organization. Multiple compartment binders offer better storage for large documents. They protect the rest of the documents while allowing easy access to just the section you need. Each compartment snaps securely to protect the documents inside. Perfect for packaging or storing printed documents with samples, discs, craft items, and more.

  • • 100% polypropylene, fully enclosed
  • • No overlay for cover sheet
  • • Three 1 inch compartments, with three rings each
Outer Dimensions:
10.75 x 11.75 x 3.31 inches
Box Quantity:
480 - 570 sheets of 20# bond
I like this binder because I can categorize a general topic into subtopics.

I'm using the binder specifically for my family history. The first section contains information about my ancestors prior to my parents. The second section is used for my parents and my siblings (since there's 8 of us wonderful children). The last section I used for my parents siblings and their children. I also like it because I save wedding and graduation announcements, photographs and other interesting items of each person in the family (we're not entirely active in accomplishments). This binder keeps all the items inside instead of loosely falling out and losing precious items.
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