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Guitar Songwriter Compact Journal (Tabs)

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Product Description

The UniKeep Acoustic Guitar Songwriter Journal is perfect for capturing musical ideas and developing them into that perfect song. Enough pages to write x amount of songs. Fully enclosed and snap locking makes it easy to store picks, loose notes, and tuning forks. Small and compact, will fit in a bag or a purse. A great tool for any skill level. Easily reference your songs, harmonies, melodies, and lyrics. The blank chord and scale sheets allow you to personalize and fill in common and favorite forms.

Features include:

  • • Snap locking and fully enclosed. Hold picks, pencils, tuning forks, lyrics you wrote on a napkin. Since its a case nothing falls out.
  • • Tablature paper and lined paper makes it convenient to compose lyrics and music together.
  • • Blank chord and scale charts allow you to fill in your preferred forms for reference in your songwriting.
  • • 10 page protectors for those times when inspiration comes and you don’t have your Songwriting Journal with you.
  • • Write up to 21 songs
Outer Dimensions:
7.0" x 9.43" x 3/4"
Box Quantity:
Content pages for 20 songs

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