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Golf Journal Compact Kit

A golfer never gets tired of mastering the art of golf. This play of strokes is based on internationally standardized rules that every golfer must know. To play this sport in full swing and to recall the rules, UniKeep presents every passionate player with a reliable and stylish golf binder. Keeping a binder along with you during every play increases your chances to improve as you can keep track of the courses you play on, a journal section for a tee time and course ratings, also sheets to record scoring and stats. Each kit holds enough score and stat cards for 15 games. Your details saved inside the binder won’t fly away because the durable snap-locking case is fully-enclosed.

Whether you are playing individually or coaching a team of golfers, UniKeep Golf Journal is a ‘Must Have’ planner you need to keep your plans and games organized. The digitally printed golf theme cover is perfect for players.

Following are the features of UniKeep Golf Binder:

  • • Digitally printed golf theme cover
  • • Excellent gift for golfers
  • • 100% Polypropylene made
  • • 15 game scorecards and stat pages, plus course information page
  • • Travel-friendly, fully-enclosed, and stackable
  • • A snap-locking system
  • • Organizer and planner
  • • Made in the USA
Outer Dimensions:
7.0" x 9.43" x 3/4"
Box Quantity:
15 game score cards and stat pages, plus course information page.

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