DVD Binder Page Poly - Pack of 50

Mini DVD Binder Page - Pack of 50

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Product Description

UniKeep's DVD page is made of polypropylene and offers Safety-sleeve protection to cushion and clean disc. Holds one disc and one graphic booklet. Thumb notch access to easily remove disc.

DVD page safely stores disc with it's graphic booklet to keep movies and music organized.

  • • White poly page with thumb notch disc access
  • • Holds one disc and one DVD graphic booklet
  • • Fits DVD Binder 20
  • • Safety-sleeve protection cushions and protects disc
Outer Dimensions:
5.94 x 7.6 inches
Box Quantity:
1 Disc and 1 Graphic
I bought these to add to binders but also to just store movies in bins. They work very well. They hold the DVD (or 2 in some cases) and the case packaging. DVD covers will need to be trimmed and/or folded, but as I really didn't care about the spine of the cover, this was not a problem at all.

Having the movies in a bin means it is easy to flip thru, pull open out, play, and put back.

I have my less used DVDs (disney for kid visits, dance instruction videos, and others) in the binders and they are stored in a less accessible place.
very useful item for arranging my dvds
So glad I bought these extra sheets! These are perfect for storing my DVDs.Great product!
I use these in half size ring binders for our DVD movie collection. They work great and save a ton of space. I wish they came is a wider size to better fit the paper and card inserts. And also if they had two pockets instead of one. Most movies come with a second disk these days for Blu-Ray or bonus features.
Great for Gamers.

I bought these to put into the A-5 black plastic binders. I took all of my kids PS2 and Wii games with the books and put into these sleeves. It makes storage a lot nicer and the kids tend to put away the games better this way than in the original cases.
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