Tabbed Divider Binder Pages with Pockets - Set of 24 Pages

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Product Description

Each set includes 24 binder divider pages. Each divider has a pocket on both sides. The dividers are shipping in a variety of colors: blue, green, orange, yellow, and purple. Durable snap-in holes allow easy organization of loose 8.5 x 11 inch sheets in any three ring binder. Tabbed pockets are double-sided and feature front slots to store discs or cards. The tabs make great dividers, easily flipping to the section you want. Includes tab inserts to easily label your tabs.

  • • Double-sided pockets with slots for cards or discs
  • • Features snap-in holes for easy changes
Outer Dimensions:
9.7 x 11.25 inches
Love it
Have been a fan of these binders since 2009. I now work with another in my organization that really likes them, too. They work great for holding important documents without worry of anything getting inside.

Thank you for your products.
Exactly what I wanted. They met my needs and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I'll be buying more soon!
Got a batch with a few defective pieces, but one simple email and replacements were sent out immediately. Couldn't be happier!
I love these binders! I have about 14 of them and use them to hold my cling rubber and clear stamps. I set them up according to subject and they work just fine. I have been using them for a couple of years now. Can't go wrong with the sizes, but I really like the large ones. They fit on my closet shelf, perfectly!
Love these for storing my rubber stamps. I bought storage sheets for these binders. They keep my stamps organised and clean.
I have been looking a long time for just the right storage solution and these are it! I store my uncounted stamps but anything you put in these will be well protected. The snap closures make sure nothing can get lost. Highly recommend!
unikeep binders are the absolute best for organizing documents for future review . They hold up well. I have owned the view binders since about 1998. My accountant loved it too.
Nice little binder. Perfect for when you need to hold a few things that maybe aren't just paper. The fact it closes completely and is flat is very nice compared to normal binder that are wedge-shaped. Binder clasps are also a nice touch. Very sturdy.

Plastic "rings" work fine, but not sure how they will hold up over time with multiple open-close cycles. Same goes for binder clasps. Time will tell.
I use these three-ring boxes to store my unmounted rubber stamps. They hold up to seven sheets filled with stamps and keep them safe. No longer do I lose stamps that fall off their acetate sheets. The boxes open easily and stay shut. The rings snap open for easy loading and stay closed when snapped into place. I am very pleased with these boxes.
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