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UniKeep helps you stay successful with a full line of products for easy, effective organization.
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Color-Coded Sheet Protectors

Business Binders

Bring some creativity and color to your organizational system with UniKeep business products. UniKeep helps you stay organized and confident, knowing your documents are safe, secure and organized just how you like them.

Color-edged sheet protectors, divider pages and multi-configuration pocketed sheets organize and categorize items for easy reference. Plus, they give a touch of style to your important information for meetings, presentations, and projects.

Back-To-School supplies

3 Ring Case Binders
Back-To-School supplies

Pocketed Tab Dividers
Back-To-School supplies

Sheet Protectors

UniKeep case style binders are perfect for presentations, media storage, manuals and much more. Binders can be customized with a beautifully reproduced custom cover. From there, it’s easy to build a completely custom binder with special color-coded or branded tabbed and divider pages that are available in many sizes.

There are so many uses for UniKeep case binders. They’re great for employee training manuals and special events and projects. Use them for manufacturing safety manuals, board meetings, business networking groups, even employee records.

Job Ticket Holders

Job Ticket Holders
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Adhesive Pockets
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Large Format Binders
Tips & Ideas

A customized UniKeep binder with accessories comes in handy when you’re asked to plan a yearly company event or have a big project in the works.

Customize a UniKeep binder for emergency planning and events, such as insurance, medical records, disaster planning, and recovery; taxes, banking, etc.

Keep any notes you have on planning and creative ideas. Save contracts, samples of publicity, photos and news releases. Consider keeping samples of any specially-printed giveaways for future reference.