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Plastic Injection Molding Machine time now available!

Two 610ME-80 Molding Machines for
contract work -- conveniently located in
Central Ohio

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Equipment to
accomodate your

• All-electric rapid precision molding
• 605 tons of clamping force
• Outstanding injection rate and volume
  (ideal for larger molds)
• More details at

Features to boost
your experience

• On-site staffing and engineering expertise
• Assembly, packaging, and fulfillment services
• Prototyping, mold design, and material testing

What sets us apart?
First-rate service and support.

The hardest part of finding a contract molder is trusting someone to do the job right.
We'll manufacture your product like it's our own -- we want to see you succeed!

or call 1-800-829-8177 for more details